Ordinary Boys

Knocked Out Loaded is proud to serve as Exclusive Booking Agent and Public Relations Representative for phenomenal touring and recording artists ORDINARY BOYS — who, over the past several years, have earned a deserved reputation as one of the finest touring Tributes to the Music of The Smiths and Morrissey in all of North America.

Based in Miami, Florida, this extremely talented group of veteran performers have channeled their heartfelt, shared love for The Smiths’ and Morrissey’s back catalogs into that most unique of all acts: a professional Tribute Band which even appeals greatly to people who don’t normally care for Tribute Bands.

By avoiding the standard trappings of most such groups (they neither dress in costume nor intentionally mimic or impersonate the original bandmembers), ORDINARY BOYS can instead devote 100% of their energy and dedication to performing this timeless alternative rock music as faithfully and lovingly as possible — without lapsing into hollow nostalgia.

While other tributes to The Smiths and/or Morrissey’s solo career invariably focus entirely on either recreating every gesture, pose and idiosyncrasy of that fabled frontman’s legendary stage presence or replicating the recognizable sound of his bands’ original studio recordings note-for-note, ORDINARY BOYS have chosen a different approach.

They channel the actual essence of Morrissey’s entire musical career to date.

Their mesmerizing live shows blend an edgy, muscular energy reminiscent of Morrissey’s own recent road bands with this group’s uncanny ability to accurately reproduce the trademark guitar tones and vocal cadences which made the early Smiths recordings such influential and enduring classics of their time.

However, frontman AJ Navarrete sings in his own natural voice (which is, admittedly, very well suited to the material), and while he and his whip-tight bandmates (whose pedigrees include stints recording with and/or playing live as touring members of such major acts as the Grammy-nominated TEARS FOR FEARS, the Grammy-winning DIRTY VEGAS, ASTARI NITE and THE AUSTRALIAN PINK FLOYD SHOW) dress sharp and do great justice to these tunes, they are clearly their own men.

The result?

A living, breathing, “alternative-rock band” that possesses the drive and camaraderie of a group which writes its own material, yet which chooses to specialize in songs written by their heroes.

Boasting a level of professionalism and dedication to their craft which is undeniable –and musical chops which arguably surpass those on display in The Smiths’ original lineup– ORDINARY BOYS offer a provocative answer to the question “What might a reunion tour by The Smiths sound like today?”

* A mini-concert, recorded live-in-the-studio *

After years of packing in capacity (or near-capacity) crowds to top live music venues in their home state, and in neighboring Southeastern markets, ORDINARY BOYS are finally expanding their reach. Starting in Spring 2019 they are actively booking short club and theater tours of the entire East Coast in preparation for heading west.

Wherever they appear, the band reliably brings large numbers of faithful Smiths and Morrissey fans out of the woodwork — as well as the merely curious.

Their rapid-fire, 90-minute headlining shows (which feature an original background video projection component when and where production and staging capabilities allow) include a constantly rotating selection of popular hits and fan-favorite deep album cuts drawn from a massive working repertoire of over 80 songs.

These concerts usually result in unprompted group sing-a-longs and emotional reactions from audience members who never thought they’d have a chance to hear these timeless tunes interpreted so lovingly (and without a fake British accent!) in an intimate club or theater setting.

To date, wherever ORDINARY BOYS perform, they are asked to return.

When they do, their draw reliably increases significantly due to ecstatic audience members from that last gig dragging their friends to the next show.

The group is currently booking weekend headlining dates (and in special circumstances, weeknights) throughout the end of 2020. They are available for Public Club, Theater and Festival dates as well as Private and Corporate engagements.

Want to bring ORDINARY BOYS to your Venue, Festival or Private Function?

Jim Reed – Agent