About Knocked Out Loaded Concerts

Run by longtime Savannah, Ga. entertainment journalist and music and cinema scene participant Jim Reed, Knocked Out Loaded Concerts specializes in presenting internationally known, critically acclaimed and/or underrated musicians, comedians and lecturers which would otherwise not play this market.

Additionally, Knocked Out Loaded offers a Turnkey Booking Service for bars, restaurants and hotels in the greater Savannah, Ga. area which wish to offer the highest-quality, regionally-based live musical entertainment as an amenity to their patrons and/or guests.

With four decades of experience booking, organizing and promoting live shows in all manner of venues under his belt, and a 35-year history of maintaining strong, professional relationships with an unusually broad cross-section of musical acts hailing from the Coastal Southeast, Jim is able to provide any venue with a steady stream of top-shelf artists in a wide variety of genres and lineups to accommodate most any requirements.

Most importantly for Savannah-area venues desiring excellent, entertaining live music, he is equipped to handle all aspects of fielding, vetting, booking, contracting and following up with those acts (thus negating the need for the venue itself to take on any of those time-consuming and rather specialized duties). He works with each individual venue to tailor a rotating lineup of exemplary musical acts specifically geared to the clientele that venue currently enjoys, as well as any new clientele they may wish to attract.

Furthermore, Jim also offers short, customized training sessions designed to empower the employees at each venue to feel confident overseeing the live shows he arranges for them (for example, understanding the best ways to interact with the musicians onsite to resolve any possible conflicts, as well as feeling confident taking control of potentially problematic issues –such as excessive volume from amplified instruments or PA systems– on behalf of the venue).

Need a high-energy “party band” playing recognizable covers of popular rock, pop, funk, soul, Americana, country or dance music for after-dinner fun?

Need a laid-back jazz combo (both with or without vocals) for brunchtime or late afternoon Happy Hour?

Need a soft, acoustic solo act (or duo or trio) for mid-afternoon or early evening background music that will leave your guests feeling as though they’ve had an intimate, Savannah experience they won’t forget?

Need a respected, legit DJ known for spinning old-school vinyl of all kinds?

Need an established, well-known, original touring band or solo artist to headline your high-profile Special Event or Festival?

Need to have all these types of entertainers confirmed weeks (or even months) in advance, at a fair price, with absolutely no effort on your part? With one single point of contact, and the added ability to have promotional posters for each show, which can be printed and hung on premises, or simply posted and shared on your venue’s social media accounts?

If so, simply contact us directly today and and let Jim walk you though just how easy these services are to acquire.

Email: knockedoutloadedconcerts@gmail.com


Knocked Out Loaded formed from the ashes of Savannah’s fondly remembered indie promotion collective Tiny Team Concerts, which was responsible for putting on successful shows by an unusually wide variety of acts including: Frank Black of Pixies, Steve Earle, Electric Six, Cracker, Jonathan Richman, The Fleshtones, Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks, John Hammond Jr., Superhorse, The Reid Paley Trio, Larry Jon Wilson, Richard Lloyd of Television, Keith Kozel & The Lovesick, Golden Dogs, Daniel Johnston, The Supreme Court, Rory Block, Tiger! Tiger!, The Asylum Street Spankers, The Swimming Pool Q’s, Willowz, Pink Kodiak, Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, Hot Pink Interior and many more.

Jim served as Talent Buyer for Tiny Team Concerts, and under the Knocked Out Loaded name has gone on to present shows by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Peter Case of The Plimsouls, Devil-Oh-Seven, Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks, The Swimming Pool Q’s, Victor Krummenacher & His Flying Circus, Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, Dodd Ferrelle & The Tinfoil Stars, Monks of Doom and more.

Additionally, we act as Personal Representatives and exclusive U.S. Booking Agents for select, outstanding touring acts — such as ORDINARY BOYS, The Definitive Tribute to the Music of The Smiths and Morrissey.

Our Mission Statement for Concert Promotion is to diversify and enhance the local live entertainment scene, while simultaneously strengthening Savannah’s reputation as a market which places great value on quality performances by accomplished acts.

Knocked Out Loaded’s criteria for artist selection mirrors that of Reed’s other major endeavor, the Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah, which is dedicated to uncovering and presenting unique motion pictures deserving of public settings and big screens, but which fall outside the purview of this area’s mainstream-oriented corporate cinema chains.

Respect for both performers and audience members is paramount at all Knocked Out Loaded events, and attendees are highly encouraged to be courteous and attentive during concerts – just like back in the old days.

We believe strongly that every single person who buys a ticket to one of our events should be able to enjoy a great show without unduly annoying their neighbors or distracting the artists onstage. We’re all in this together, and it’s only fair.

Our Mission Statement for Personal Representation is simple: we are only interested in working with touring acts which A) demonstrate significant dedication to their craft, B) dazzle us with their talent and abilities, C) possess the potential for national and/or international success, and D) are simply nice and kind people.

Thanks for supporting what we’re trying to achieve by purchasing tickets to our Savannah area productions, supporting and publicizing our touring artists to your friends (and enemies) and sharing news of our upcoming events.

We can’t do it without you!